Sunday, August 26, 2007


Discover Technorati and Learn How Tags Work in Blogs.

I checked out Top Favorited Blogs, Top Blogs and Top Searches. I found in Top Searches---you need to be careful what you click on !!!!!!!

Under 'Learning 2.0', there were 21,532 blog posts !!! Under blogs---547. I liked the blogs most---short and to the point. There were a few videos which I will check out later. My computer has been slow lately.

I read a post from someone in Calif. who started out as a volunteer and ended up working for the library, also.

I know that you are supposed to have freedom with how you 'tag' your blogs, but, I don't understand why people 'tag' something with a tag that has nothing to do with that tag !!!! Sometimes you have to go through alot of posts/blogs that do not pertain at all to what you are looking for----how frustrating and time consuming !!!! Oh well !!!!!

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