Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well, I checked out and registered for Merlin. It seems to be pretty neat.

I tried Feedster, Topix and Syndic8. I really liked Blogline's Search Tool, though. I am amazed at how many things are under certain headings (tags, etc.), that have NOTHING to do with that category !!!!! How frustrating !!!!!! I am also surprised at what things people put on the internet !!! We have some warped people out there !!!------my opinion.

I checked out the learning links and I want to come back and especially look at the Computing & Technical Resources.

The Virtual World seems a little 'sci-fi' to me !!!! My son plays World WarCraft (?) and he has tried to show me some of it when I go over to see him. Strange !!!! I have enough problems in the 'real' world !!!!!!

I liked the Sandbox because I got a link to

I did a widget for HCPL to my blog !!!!!!!!

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