Monday, August 27, 2007

Library 2.0

I watched the video 'The Machine is us/ing us'. It reminded me of one of the old sci-fi shows I saw growing up where the computer starts taking over !!!!!! Technology is awesome, but, sometimes it seems to be moving so fast !!!!! You think you have just started learning something--and now--it is out-of-date !!!!!

I read the Discovery Resources and I really liked the article by Rick Anderson--Away from the icebergs. I guess I need to start 'shifting directions'. I still have some of the 'old school' in me--where the libraries were quiet, you talked in whispers and there were just books all over the place !!!! (Oh, and the library was dark with very low lighting !!) Now, don't get me wrong---I don't miss the darken library and talking in whispers but sometimes it seems the library is loud.

When my kids were in high school and I volunteered at the 'library', it was actually called the media center. I had a hard time getting used to that. I need to not only 'shift directions' but also change my mindset.

I think it is not just me that needs to change our minds about things. I am a page and I hear the patrons (baby boomers, etc.) make comments about how the library is so different than before. I think (begrudgingly) that the change is good. We need to have info out there for the patrons so they can slowly accept the changes. I am not saying all baby boomers are having adjustment problems, some are quite into the computers, etc.

I like the fact that patrons still like books !!!! Books to hold !!!!!!! But, I can see the advantage of ebooks. When we get older, it is harder to see !!!!!

I know that libraries are not just for the baby boomers, etc., but this is what I am most concerned about right now--I am one of them !!!!! The younger generation has adapted to this new 'library' and have made in their home.

So, change----here I come !!!!! Slowly--at first !!!!!

I like the fact that we are a place where people can get information of all kinds---whether it be from books or the computers. The more we learn as employees, the more we can be of help to the patrons.

My mindset now---(slowly, though)---is change is good. Shifting directions is a plus. Knowledge in one form or another is okay.

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