Monday, August 27, 2007

I viewed the Tutorial by the OtterGroup. It was very interesting. I really loved the music at the end of the video. I also read Several Habits of Wildly Successful users.

I looked at the PLCMCL2 account. It seems that 2 favorites are FD's Flicker Toys with 5019 people bookmarking it and Mappr! Where It's At with 645 people bookmarking it. The comments people made really helped to understand what the site was being used for.

This does seem like a great way to share info for research assistance, etc.

I did set up an account, but, my computer is a little weird, so it will be awhile until I can use it. I've been doing the 23 Things mostly on my home computer. It was my sisters and I got it from her estate. Dell Computers was not alot of help when I called them !!! In a few months, I will be getting a new computer--and--it won't be a Dell !!!! Customer service should be helpful !!!!

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