Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today is the day !!!!!!!!

Well, what can I say ????? Today, I went to the Tech Fair. And, it was totally AWESOME !!!!!!! I can not believe that I am saying this !!!!! Technology scares me to death !!!!! I am still in the dark ages about alot of things !!!! (I still use my records and cassettes and have just gotten used to CDs. I still prefer VHS over DVDs, but, I am getting there.) The Tech Fair was VERY informative, mind boggling, and very eye-opening !!!! It was EXCITING !!!!!! Wow !!!! I can not believe all the things that you can do and all the places you can go to for info and help !!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to all that participated in the fair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe that I, Sally, am doing a blog !!!!! I guess that means I am headed in the right direction !!!!! I am going to conquer my fears of this technology stuff. Who would think that technology could be so much fun !!!! For instance----the WII !!!!!!!!!!! The IPOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I'd better get out my Nintendo DS Lite and use it, get comfortable with it, and proceed to other 'gadgets'. Maybe, I will even learn to use my digital camera and even download pictures !!!! So much in one day !!!!!

In the Lifelong Learning, I would say the easiest for me would be #2 Accept responsibility for your own learning. The hardest for me would be #4 Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner. I am a slow learner---sometimes---a very slow learner !!!!! But, I am going to take this one-step-at-a-time. Baby steps-----but, thats okay !!!!! I am going to do this. I WILL I CAN I DO I like this saying------"Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Confucius My motto now !!!!!

My very first blog-------how exciting !!!!!!!!!! Technology----here I come !!!!!!!!!!


Bill Lucas said...

Not bad for a first timer. There's more to learn and do! ! ! !

Grapeshot said...

You'll gain confidence as you learn more and practice.